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Friday, April 04, 2014

Let's go BOWLING

Bryan this week in the webinar answered a 
question on how to make a bowling alley pop up 
card . (and set it for home work!) 
Well I made a card  (I never do what i am showed 
I did it completely different to what Bryan showed, 
***story (when i was at school i did that to I would take 
what the teacher said and then go NAH and do it my way )***)
Here is my version of a Bowling Alley.
I put all the working of the pop up under the 
platform .
DON'T start with the bowling alley first
 unless you are confident. 
Practice with the first part of the video and
 work up to the bowling one

1 comment:

nancy said...

Yes please on the video for the bowling alley. I made the pins but couldn't figure out how to put a pop up ball, so was just going to leave it out.