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Saturday, March 01, 2014

OLD is NEW again

Things are being hung, boxes are being sorted still .
I am  having friends come from Victoria next weekend
and now we have finally got our garage built we are able
to claim back  a lot of our house .
Boxes of hot air balloons  are just started to be hung
in our hall way and this balloon did not really suit 
our house (well the person in the balloon )
So it was time to make it MINE 
and put a blue robot in it .
I used "the Robot " pattern and shrunk 
him by 75%. This robot pattern was designed and 
created by me .

" The ROBOT" and now "little blue Robot"

This is the old way it looked

 NOW the new look    it is more suiting to this house


scraphappy7 said...

Susan-now that is adorable!

nancy said...

Very cute! I'm sure you have explained it before but what is the story behind the blue robots?


looks awesome!!!!