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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jigsaw Heart (HEART FROM WEBINAR 7th/8th Jan 2014) with PCS pattern

In the Webinar on the 7th/8th January 2014 Bryan
was answering one of the questions and made this jigsaw heart
and posted it to the gallery. I thought straight away I want that
in a Popup card so I did (had to tweak the pieces a little so they did not all
fall apart. Also after it was made it was a little bendy so i cut a
clear solid acetate  heart and glued behind it  )
P.S I had the card made before that webinar was finished and had
sent Andy and Bryan a photo of it .
***PLEASE NOTE big thanks go to Bryan for the heart part ***
with imbedded make the cut file in the notes under the file tab

 Bryan Yesterday send me this from the POP UP CARD STUDIO 
of how it would look in red and wow now i want to cut one in red .

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