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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Google PLUS account for live chats

FOR those of you out there that have Gmail accounts 
and have GOOGLE+  
send me an email if you would like to hang out in the 
hang out and  ask questions or see me make things on PCS 
I can be there at all different times  and if I have 
you on my list I can send you an invite when i am there 
and if you have time spare you can come chat to me and watch 
and ask questions (if you need help)



Lol! What did I start with you?

nancy said...

Susan, I would love to do this if I can just figure out all this Google stuff! lol I thought I had a GMail account to use as a backup if Yahoo went down again but now I can't even find where to sign in for that. Any help appreciated!

nancy said...

I finally got my gmail up but had to put in a new name. I still don't know if I have that hangout thingy but I am on and off of here all day so you might be able to see me online? Or will you have to add me to your list? My email is

Unknown said...

I'd love to hang out and watch you create thanks for the offer. I have a google email account is thast all i need?

Barb911 S/E MI said...

I don't plan on buying PCS it isn't something I would use to justify the expense. Would love to watch you make stuff. If that's ok with you.