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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Getting to know your Pop Up Card Studio Videos

HELP 001 layers
HELP 002 Side opening House POP UP
HELP 003 Global Operations 
HELP 004a Getting the template for folding
HELP 004b Using that template for the folding  
HELP 005 POP UP cake with Arched steps
 HELP 006 Finding an anchor point
HELP 007 Putting tab in for anchors
HELP 008 Basic print and cut  PCS to MTC
HELP 009 two tier cake
HELP 010 Cake TOPS for the tiered cakes
HELP 011 rounded corners and more
HELP 012 backgrounds for my cards 
HELP 013 Getting rid of what is not needed 
HELP 013a getting rid of what is not needed 
HELP 014 shaped cards by Shari Dollar
 HELP 015 Fixing anchors at bottom plane without starting over
HELP 015a Fixing the anchors not restart over
HELP 16 making the double pop up topper card for carousel card
HELP 017 global  opps changing size , backgrounds, plus  
HELP 018 YOU CAN SEE THE dotted lines
HELP 019 Scollop edges on PCS cards  
HELP 020  Putting arched steps on letters and numbers 
HELP 021 File selection
 HELP 022 Hinges    
 HELP 023 Moving your tools around 
HELP 023 Moving the tools around PART TWO  
HELP 024 It's an open path and you did not know  
HELP 025 Anchor with draw normal are needed sometimes   
HELP 026 Shaped anchors 
HELP 027 STEPS steps and more steps cards 
HELP 028 Arched steps two directions 
HELP 029 dont need anchors on tops of letters 
HELP 030 adding texture for print and cut
HELP 031 How i do my print n cut and set up 
 HELP 032 pictures and letting on same  plane with shaped anchors 
HELP 033 pop up on a inside outside card (SHAPED CARD) 
HELP 034 scollop cake
HELP 035 Don't want anchors on them 
HELP 036 Lattice in both PCS and MTC 
HELP 037 Bracket frames made quick and easy 
HELP 038 inside outside card into a display card 
HELP 039 Print and cut the SF dolls for pop up cards
HELP 040 How to put shape in your shape folder 
HELP 041 help putting anchors on and what to watch out for
HELP 042 print preview help in PCS
 HELP 043 Learn what Build a robot does
 HELP 044 not able to crop in PCS
(NO PCS 011 and PCS 012 as they ended up Parts of PCS 010)
PCS 013a Double card pop up arches MAKING  PART ONE
PCS 013b Double card pop up arches folding  PART TWO  
PCS 014 Brag card POP up .
PCS 015 Print and cut  picture on words card
PCS 016 Simple architectural House
PCS 017 side opening word card (one way to do it ) 
PCS 018 Bench seat with the basic shapes
PCS 019 Tri fold card PART One 
PCS 019 Tri fold card PART Two 
PCS 020 Making  snowflake card 
 PCS 021 Inside outside card with PCS
Knowledge of PCS and MTC need for PCS 022
PCS 022 POP UP in a BOX (baby) PART ONE
PCS 022 POP UP in a BOX (baby) PART TWO
PCS 022 POP UP in a BOX (baby) PART THREE
PCS 022 POP UP in a BOX (baby) PART FOUR  
PCS 023 a POP UP and a POP UP and maybe lots of POP UPs 
PCS 024 Five letter POP UP in a BOX (watch PCS 022 first)
 PCS 025 gazebo pop up card
PCS 026 POP UP this way and POP UP that way in the ONE CARD
PCS 027 Simple stairs card with foldback feature
 PCS 028 scrap factory meets PopUp Card Studio
PCS 029 open arms dolls and to PCS
PCS 030 Look there is a POP UP in there
 PCS 031 typewriter another angle
PCS 032 picture pop out card
PCS 033 simple 180 pop up
PCS 034 180 pop up card deer and bunny
PCS 035 Arched view 180 POP UP
PCS 036 90 plus 90  plus 180 card
 PCS 037 platform pop ups ONE
 PCS038 How I bind my POP UP books
 PCS 039 pop up in a pop to make a bigger pop up wow


Helene said...

This looks like a very exciting program! You have some great examples!

Sandi said...

Wow and WOW, I have been following your blog for years and when I saw you on MTC last year I just knew good things were going to happen. I am so excited by the design possibilities. I use Corel Draw x6 and will convert my designs to SVG so I can create Popups of them and then cut them out. I am so jazzed by this software and looking forward to seeing more of your videos. If I've understood correctly then once I get the popup created and open it in MTC, I could also bring in my own svg and switch out the cutter blade (I have a blackcat) and use decorative pens to draw the design, then put back the blade and cut it out as a PopUp, is that correct? I really like the Bees from Alota Rubber Stamps and looking forward to creating PopUp scenes that will perfectly fit them.The possibilities are endless, this is very exciting news.

yup said...

I have a really hard time with Vimeo. Can never get anything to play. Even tried to download so I could watch. Is it a "pay" for tutorial?

Marg said...

Thank you for these videos. I am now very tempted to buy the software. Before I saw your videos I thought that I wouldn't need it but now I am thinking differently.
I also can not watch the videos in Vimeo. From a previous experience I learned to copy the page link of the video and then paste the link into another viewer. I use Real Player and it works then.

Stephanie said...

Great videos Susan! In addition to learning a lot I was amazed by your designing the house "on the fly." Thanks so much for taking the time to share this.

Christine said...

Awesome tuts Susan, I was totally lost until I watched your videos. Thanks so much x

Cindy said...

I'm still a little foggy on how you rotate the card while designing. I've watched the Tuts and still can't figure it out - could you tell me what controls you are using to move the card sideways and tilt it up and down?

CraftinGranny said...

Thanks so very much Susan. Sorry that I already purchased the program at MTC but wanted to let you know that I definitely support your blog and your wonderful tutorials. Have downloaded them all and now need to find the time to view and play. I'm so looking forward to further tutorials. Have a wonderful week.

Maureen said...

Thanks very much for these tutorials - they were all I needed to get started with the program! I used your affiliate link - hope you get a nice cut! :)

Unknown said...

Great tutorial s 0007 & 0009 for the 1 and 2 tiered cakes with #2 and candle. If you wanted to add COLORED paper cut out to the tops of the two tiers 98% sized of the two planes, so it would set on top of but not flush edge to edge, could you copy the selected plane pieces and cut out separately with different paper?

SusanBluerobot said...

MAureen here is a video showing how I would do it

linda from arizona said...

Bad girl, bad girl! I thought I could live without this program. Now I'm not so sure. Hopefully I'll get some money next month for my birthday. It's great to see your tutorials once again. You taught me so much about Inkscape.

Susie said...

Thanks for all the videos! said...

Hi Susan, thanks for all your tutorials. I'm having a bit of a problem searching for the following. I want to make a card with two words. The bottom word has to be at one inch from the fold and the top word has to be placed on the bottom word at a half inch of the fold. I cannot get that to work. In which video do you explain this technique?

GrandmaCarol46580 said...

Hi,I am one frustrated person. I'm about ready to cry because I have done everything I can to attach the floor to the gazebo and have no success. I guess I will save the project, and go one to another project before I throw the whole software out the window!