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Sunday, December 15, 2013


When we moved in here in Late February of this year.
The first thing we were going to do was  put something 
on the glass in the front door of our house as it was clear 
glass and it was too see through.
Well now it is December and after all this time of having a piece
of paper stuck on the window. I have finally got around 
to etching the glass. Yesterday i cut out the vinyl robots and 
stuck them on the window 
and today i etched it. It took three goes with the etching cream 
as it was very heavy glass but the result is soo good.

This was designed in MAKE THE CUT 
and cut on the ZING

 If you live in Australia and New Zealand
and wondering where you can get a
Zing then SKAT KATZ is the place to find them

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Looks awesome!!!!! Fantastic job!!!!