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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Before and after (still needs more painting though )

Many years this  balloon hung in our bedroom of our old 
house . And it was brought here and was never going to 
be hung in our bedroom here but out on show .
We decided that it was a bit dark and sad looking so 
I am working on making it look happy.
(I Still have heaps of painting to do on it  to neaten it up 
but at the moment it is hanging in the entrance drying )
 Also used plastic canvas and wool to 
make a new basket (less heavy looking for 
it too )
 After I finish the paint work on it  and neaten it up 
I will make it shiny 
Think I also might have to make a smaller bluerobot to put 
in it  OR maybe even two.
I will show you all this again  later in the week or two when it 
is finsihed 
I wanted to show you one of the things i have been working on 
of lately.



Looks great! What a transformation!

admin said...

Really good Sue !

admin said...

It looks amazing