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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"IN POP" Card As I demo'ed on Make the cut webinar 26/27 Nov 2013

In the Make The Cut Webinar today 
I demoed how to make this 
"INPOP Card"
if you have Make the cut and would like the basic MTC file 
it is HERE
Designed and cut with MAKE the CUT
The card folds flat for putting in envelope
 But when the card is open on display it  becomes 
a 3D pop card (in pop  )
 When you open the make the cut file you will find 
the bottom 6 layers   are  the main base of the card 
one score and one cut  for each three layers 
(NOTE I have solid likes  for the score lines that is 
because i use a scoring tool in my Zing you will have 
to change the lines if you want dashes)
 With these three pieces you fold as shown
 Then you put it on the table like this
 Add glue on all three 1/2" tabs as shown
You then glue  to the tabs as shown 

 one then the next
 And lastly fold the last one in so it glues to the insde 
of the back of the card
Here is what you have now  (wait till glue is dry)
 When you close your card here is what you see so far
 Now yo have the two tabs showing on the in pop
This is how it looks  from the top of the card

 Put glue on the last square
 And put it in the in pop to cover the tabs
 Now your card is ready for decorating
 how ever you like  ( I have added two frames and 
a in pop background)
 here is what they are
 Glue the frames together
 Then glue for front of the card
 Frames it well and add the background in the
Now if you want to  add another demention
you can make a tab to fit on half way 
(see webinar for instructions for this 
as it is not my picture so I could not include 
in the MTC file)

 So this now sits half way from back and front
 like this
 Top view
 front view
 And still folds flat
 I then while it was flat added the words so as it 
looks good while it is being taken out of envelope 
and when open the top word (merry will be off center 
but still looks good )
 If I had of put the MERRY in the center while it was opened
when it was closed the Y would be not in show.
(but you can put the wording where you feel is better )
 Enjoy will love to see what you make  from this idea
 Don't forget to watch the WEBINAR 
to see how  to make patterns like this 

be sure to let me know what you think

 If you live in Australia and New Zealand 

and wondering where you can get a
Zing then SKAT KATZ is the place to find them


NittyPearl said...

Thanks so much Susan! What a great card and demo.


looks awesome! cant wait to try when i get time!

Heidi said...

Susan, you are amazing! You were one of the first designers that I followed when I first had SCAL years ago. Your projects blew me away then,your creativity is endless not to mention your generous heart! I so appreciated and still do (I just downloaded this file to try) your sharing your knowledge and files! When I jumped to MTC when it first came out, I quit following your blog so imagine how tickled I was to realize from the MTC webinar that you have jumped to the MTC side of the house. I can't wait to browse and see what you've been up to! Anyway, thank you for the file and for always being so sweet and generous with your knowledge, time, and files! Sending a cyber hug your way. Thank you. I I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!