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Friday, October 18, 2013

Number 3 in my street

Although I do not  have many post this year 
due partly because of moving to another state of Australia
(Which I am still unpacking boxes and trying to get things 
in the right place).
I also have so many things I want to do  one of which 
I finally did this morning I cut  the vinyl decals out for our 
letterbox. Put three  of my robots on each side and  two on the 
front holding the number 3 .
Designed in MAKE THE CUT 
 Cut using Make the cut and on the ZING

This is just our temporary letterbox as  hopefully some time 
next year I will be able to build  a special letter box that 
I have designed .

 If you live in Australia and New Zealand 

and wondering where you can get a
Zing then SKAT KATZ is the place to find them



looks great!

Soraya said...

Your mailbox has to be the cutest one in your street. Fantastic!