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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More for Martyn (magic the gathering icons)

Well last post I showed what I made for Martyn  to give
him when he arrived for his visit Well he spend 6 days here 
and in that 6 days he  had me making him more things
First for his ipad 

 Then it was "Mum can you shrink it and make one 
for my Iphone"

 Hmm the answer was yes as I wanted to work out 
what I did wrong with the digitizing of the first ones
so a little change and shrunk it and it sewed better.
 Then Sunday we went in the city and Neal brought me some
more towels and hand towels to practise the sewing on .
When we got home Martyn said "Dad can I have one of 
those handtowels for mum to sew the icons on "
 A little more tweaking with my digitizing and  wow 
this one turned out the best of all projects .
(learnt something each time )
Martyn goes home today  with all these new 
gifts. I will miss him, so glad he came for a visit 
and see our new home.

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They look great - he would have been so chuffed with those new gifts - such a good mum you are!