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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Platform POP UP card as demoed on 4th/5th December 2012 MTC Webinar

Yesterday I demoed this Platform Pop UP card 
in the make the cut webinar  4/5 December 2012
I showed that if the words you want a little at 
the top down to biggest at bottom  you can 
make them all on platforms to pop up 
when the card is opened at 90*.
If you would like the pattern with 
MERRY CHRISTMAS just on the two 
platforms  HERE IT IS (no exsample yet)
Designed in MAKE THE CUT
For a special request from two ladies named Susan
HERE IS THE "From Susan"  
I used the  a font that i used make the cut to 
turn into a cut file and cut on the ZING
Used the Ebosser to emboss the background
Then when it came time to send my Christmas cards
this year My husband and sons name were not on the 
card so i cut them out of the background card and glued on
Be sure to check the WEBINAR out when
it is posted in a few days   to see how to 
make your own personlized pop up platform cards

If you live in Australia and New Zealand 
and wondering where you can get an

Ebosser then SKAT KATZ  is the place to find them
Or a 

Zing then SKAT KATZ is the place to find them


Mandy said...

Love this card and your creativity!! Fabulous!!

Luv2Scrap81 (MTC)