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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ebosser and Vellum how too

One of the good tests  for a machine is Vellum.
and for the Ebosser  that is one thing I wanted to 
try and here is what i learnt. 
It is a very crisp embosser and a little too crisp
for vellum as it cracks the vellum . 
(see one on left ) But add a piece of 
bassel card stock in the embosssing folder with your
vellum and they emboss together and the result 
is VERY good (see middle one)

This one is cracked and very yukky looking
 (no cardstock in while embossing)
While this one looks great 
(cardstock in while embossing)
pitty that the camera can not show what i mean good
Here is the sandwich I used
 If you live in Australia and New Zealand 
and wondering where you can get an
Ebosser then SKAT KATZ  is the place to find them

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