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Friday, October 05, 2012

Robot popup

I Love Popup books and cards.
This popup card is inspired by something I seen 
on the net and i put my own spin on it .
Designed in MAKE THE CUT  and cut on the ZING.
The envelope is flat
What is inside
Just peaking over the edge (Hand there)
(hand gone Magicly no longer flat)
oh what popped out to say hello
This little robot
this was just a proto type  and needed 
lots of tweaking to get the pop up right

Let me know what you think.
(I have taken of word thing too make this 
easier now)
I am off to  explore some more.
 If you live in Australia and New Zealand 
and wondering where you can get a KNK Zing 
SKAT KAT  is the place to find them


Tammy said...

Adorable. I think this is a great concept. How fun to pull something out of an envelope and have it become 3D automatically. Good work!!!

Helene said...

It's like a jack in the box! So cool!

Anonymous said...

Susan again another amazing projet. You continue to amaze me with your skills and imagination. Looking forward to maybe seeing a demonstration on a webinar in the near future.
Upstate NY



Kate Smith said...

Wow, that is so cool! Love it!

Photomama said...

So cute - very creative

eunice said...

Woo Hoo, Susan, your pop up card is just AMAZING!!!! LOVE it! Reminds me a bit of the pop up balls...rubber bands, right? Super cool! BEST POP UP CARD EVER!!!! Can't wait to see more as you tweak your files...