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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vistors to my blog and still going

When I seen that the blog count at bottom of blog was  
getting to bee near the Million I thought wouldn't it be fun 
if I was able to get a clip of that So i set a Challenge for 
the closest clip to 1000000 and never exspected I would 
get spot on photo  come to me but I did. 
The Blog candy goes to Kay S  who sent an email 
with this photo to me 
Thank you  for everyone that 
visits my blog. I just wish that Google did not make it so 
hard for people to leave comments.
Cheers and here is to another million 
Come back and visit any time I love to see you .


Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan for the wonderful blog and the chance of entering your competition. Kay S.


waaaaaaa!!! - it wasnt me!!!! arrrgggghh - LOL - congrats on a Million xxx

frufru said...

Your card are really beautiful!
From Italy a lot of compliments for you.

Soraya said...

I love you blog and always refer people for your great cards and awesome tutorials!