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Friday, September 07, 2012

INSIDE OUTSIDE card INSTRUCTIONS (as seen in Webinar 4th/5th September 2012 )

Clicking on each picture to view bigger 
Start with a rectangle 
Then a smaller one for the opening
Do an EDIT  copy and paste  in place on another layer
Go back to the first layer and select the node edit tool 
and select the right line of the small rectangle and click on right
arrow on keyboard twice (this is need so the card opens 
and shuts nicely when card is finished)
Now you need to select the big rectangle of the 
inside layer   and get a insert shadow of that  
(this is needed so you dont see the inside of the card edges 
when the card is finished)
Now you go back to the bigger rectangle of the inside of the card
and delete
You then select the new shadow and the inside small rectangle 
and do a join  that now becomes the base for your INSIDE CARD
THIS picture is not needed I wanted to show you where
you card design needed to be fit into just the yellow area
I brought in my design
Then needed a blacked out shadow of that design
Select the shadow and the inside card and do 
a Weld
that is now your inside card
Time for score layers  get a new layer 
turn snapping on to 1/2"
Get pencil and holding control key down
make a line in the 
center point of your card
Name this the outside card score lines
Get a new layer for the inside score lines and mark half way 
from top to bottom  and then  half way from center on the right 
hand of the card (see picture
then on the left side of the card mark from top to the opening  
and bottom from opening to bottom of card (see picture )
and name this layer inside card score
Now you have you card designed 
cut and then head to 
 to see how to make card up
Hope you enjoy this .
See more examples 
Other samples 
Now i know a lot of you are waiting for lattice 
lesson on this card  please I will work on it and 
get it up as soo as I can .
Look out for the webinar posting in the next couple of days 




Soraya said...

I'm so happy to see one of your tutorials!!! Thank you so much!

Nina said...

Thank you so much for sharing! This is wonderful! :0)