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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Hot Air Balloon 3D book Card

I think the reason I love these 3D book cards 
is they make good gifts and you are not limited to 
flat things on the cards. For the cover of this one 
I cut out lots of hot air balloons and then glued them 
all on top of each other to make  my own chipboard balloons
Used white copic paint to do the clouds 
(which also hid some huge mess from other 
clouds that did not work)
Did the pages of this book read as I love 
a set of books that my son has that the pages have 
red edges
I made a Half a 3D hot air balloon and glued it in place
and the other 2 balloons are several balloons folded in 
half and glued together
I added a bit more strips of green between the mountains
to make cover the red and blend into the book
Although i don' use torn card very often I 
do like using it for hills and sand
Would love to hear what you think of this 
Thanks for visiting


Soraya said...

OMG!!! So beautiful!!!

Nina said...

WOW! Outstanding! I just love this!