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Saturday, September 01, 2012

50 YEARS so something extra SPECIAL

Today was Neal's Aunty and Uncle's 50th
Wedding Anniversary and over the past couple of 
weeks i have been working on this Special 
present for them. It is a 3D book card with extra
pages in it .
My plan was to use only the two colours all the way 
though it , even though at times i had to think how i was 
going to do things with just the two colours
The gold metalic card cut soo nice on the zing 
I was soo happy as i had lots to cut

I picked two things from there time together 
a cow as a dairy farmer and Aunty Jo has 
an arts degree
This page of Great Grandchildren has 
to have a girl added to it as she has JUST been 
born. (I cut one of each for them to choose which one
they needed to put in )

I am soo pleased with how this turned out and I 
know that they will love and treasure it .

Used many fonts and the Zing to cut all pieces out 
and cuttlebug to add some demention to each page


Rosie said...



just beautiful and so unique for them xxx

linda from arizona said...

Susan, the book is so beautiful and will be treasured for years to come.

linda from arizona said...

By any chance, are you going to share the files for this book?

Soraya said...


Way to fabulous! I want to make one too!!!!