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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Round boxes (as seen on Webinar 28th August 2012)

Here is a quick and easy way to put together a Round
Make the Cut pattern HERE
When designing it I put the base to the right and the lid to the 
left . To make the base I take the top side pannel on the 
right of the mat and the very right circle
Fold the tabs in at the score line and with your fingers 
give the side some shape
Now glue and the end tab (when making lesson I did not 
allow mine to dry before letting go )
Now put glue aroung the Edge of the circle piece
And place it face down in your side of the box 
(protect your work surface with some
 backing paper of something (I didn't) )
now push around the edge with your finger 
all way round
Turn it upside down
Now add the second circle to the right of the mat to the 
bottom of that
And you have your base of your box made
You are left with these on your mat
take the side strip and right circle
and fold the tabs and shape the side with your fingers
join side into a circle
drop the circle with glue all around edge in face down
push down well
turn over and get the last circle of mat
And add to the bottom of base
Finished your BOX
Lid fits well
Adding a bigger base to box you now have a 
hat shaped box

add ribbon and bow
Oh and this idea can be not only for round boxes 
but can be oval boxes as well
You can make the wall of the lid  shorter if you like too 

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lucruri said...

So cool! Tutorial very well done