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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Box Maker from download to inkscape to make the cut to zing and a box

Inkscape is wonderful for lots of things and the person from 
Maker ( via Hack a Day) has made this wonderful box extension  for inkscape 
to be able to type in the size of box and thickness of material that 
you are using to be able to generate wonderful slotted boxes.
I told it I wanted a 1 3/4" box and with the click of a button
it gave me a pattern that fitted together wonderfully after 
I took in the Make the Cut (did a fuse and weld  so all lines 
in each piece were joined) then cut using 3mm funfoam.

You will find the extension HERE at Maker
You then download and unzip.
Find where you have your Inkscape folder 
 You find the share folder click on that
 Then the Extensions folder  and click on that then drag 
and drop the Boxmaker.inx and the
into that folder.

 It is  now ready for you to open inkscape .
Under Extensions
 You will find Laser  and then click on that and to tabbed
box maker and click on that
 and then you will get the box pop up .
NOW I did not know what these things did really so 
I used Maker example  to work out what to do .
 Clicked apply and I got this on my screen
 Then took that too Make the Cut where I found that 
each side of each box was lines not joined so I then 
went to fuse and weld  turned to top tolerance and 
Then you end up with a cut file all ready to cut
 I Cut mine out of fun foam.  I spent nearly 4 hours trying 
to get the Zing to cut  the fun foam  changing force  with not much 
luck. (but I did get one cut  but was not neatly cut )
THEN I searched the net to find that on the KNK Zing yahoo group
in the Database section Sandy has a wonderful list of settings
used to cut LOTS and lots of things and one of them was fun foam
I wish i had looked there 4 hours earlier as  the settings 
were not what i would have guessed in a million years  
HERE is a Fantastic list of settings for all types of materials to cut 
on ZING  
Well worth joining the yahoo list if you have not already




Carolyn said...

Thanks for the easy to follow instructions. At long last something to use my stockpile of fun foam.

Anonymous said...

Could you provide an alternative download link? the site seems to be down... Thanks

SusanBluerobot said...

this is the only link i have for it as it is not mine but seems to be working now