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Thursday, July 05, 2012

3D Greek Vase sliceform from Some Assembly Required

Over the many years of doing papercrafts, one thing that I love is sliceforms and one company that I love now and always have is Some Assembly Required (SAR). They have a huge variety of  3D shapes , one of my first ever purchases was there egg shape and I used to have soo much fun making that simple egg shape into animals , which even inspired a book of egganimals   
Well now there latest creations are 3D Greek Vases (5 in total) , they are soo much fun as you will see in the days and weeks to come . Today I took there vase 01 and made this vase cutting vase out and then running through the cuttlebug to give it texture , BUT then to make it really pop I then got a sepia inkpad and wiped it over the top of the embossed area , then i put the vase together.

I am off to make some more things using these.
let me know what you think

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