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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WHOoves and my adventure week 17 with the ZING

Week 17 of my Zing adventure
This week was a mixed bunch of things due 
to making lots of things  for a 21st birthday 
( I learned lots about  ponies this week)
This pony was one that i learned lots about 
He is Dr WHOoves 
Found a clip art on the net and used inkscape to 
turn into a cut file and mtc and Zing to cut 
using my FAVORITE font at the moment 
called YIKES
Knowing that part of her present I wanted to 
give her 21 coins (5 cent coins ) I made 
a little 3D box with a triangle holder 
for the coins . The dr whooves in on both sides
of the box 

While watching one of the Make the Cut 
webinars I seen that someone had made a 
box using a mickey mouse head and 
turned it into a shaped box. So i thought I 
would give it a try  using the Dr Whooves 
UGG i should not have tried it as it was not 
easy to do BUT was soo happy with how it 
turned out 

Surfing the net to see who this pony was 
I came across this pattern for a 3D pony that you print 
and cut and put together HERE  But i wanted 
it to be all cut out in coloured card stock so I tweaked 
it in inkscape making it into a cut file  and then took
to make the cut and cut out
(oh and it fit in the box that i made too )

To keep the theme going I brought a Tshirt and 
used heat transfer vinyl and made a tshirt for her
Then I used the glass etching cream and did a 
glass for her. This is not perfect as it was only 
my 2nd ever attempt at playing with it 
But soo happy with the result

Thinking that was going to be it I then was playing in 
inkscape and thought oh a hoody jacket would look 
great so i designed it and seen how it would look
 Below is a picture from inkscape
Sadly i could not buy a hoody in a suitable colour and
size but I did manage to get a windcheater  the colour 
and size. so i inkscaped and redesigned the idea
picture below from inkscape .
Then i took the parts from inkscape and cut in 
make the cut and the Zing.
AND here is the result
Here she is less than a few minutes after 
opening her presents from me 
She loved them all so much 
It was a big week for Zing I sure did make 
it work hard.  Need lots more practise with 
the vinyl and etching cream.
But soo happy how everything turned out 
and Rachel sure was happy too 
(she is both the ponies and Dr who fan)

The ZING is here to stay!!
I am off to COUGH explore some more.
 If you live in Australia and New Zealand 
and wondering where you can get a KNK Zing 
SKAT KAT  is the place to find them
 would love to hear what you think

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Netta said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and kind words. You are giving motivation to get my Zing to work!! I love all your projects. I am now a follower