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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A weeks adventure with the Zing (week 16)

Sitting down to write week 16's adventure story. I sit here wondering what i have been  up too. (besides all the pop lock robots i made  (shown during the week)). (and still not being  well with Whooping cough)
Well I spent a lot of the time watching videos  of how too's about the make the cut software. having working with inkscape for over 7 years  I never really  thought about learning mtc I thought I could do it all in inkscape and save as svg's .
But after watching I have learnt that they both work really well together and it was a good thing
that I am learning mtc now. I found that I had lots to watch and each one I have  watched has giving me a little more insight to it. One other thing I did do after last weeks  catchup is I relized that I had a book with  cd of patterns that the same person who made the  robot paterns i have been playing with over the past  few weeks. So i got it out and tweaked one of the patterns to be a cut file as well. Below is the result. I used the pen adapter and embossing adapter (to score) and then cut. Adding a bit of colour here and there  to give a special look.
Now even though it was not as easy as getting the pattern putting in MTC  and cutting on the Zing.  I did have to take it into  inkscape and tweak it to work with MTC .
Here is my take on Josh's robot

The time spent setting it all up in inkscape was 
well worth the effort  coming up with three files
a draw file, score file and then cut file made 
my life soo much easier when it came to putting 
the model together .

Don't be scared to patterns to cut on your Zing as it is well worth 
the time spent tweaking it will open up a whole new
world for your Zinging
The ZING is here to stay!!
I am off to COUGH explore some more.
 If you live in Australia and New Zealand 
and wondering where you can get a KNK Zing 
SKAT KAT  is the place to find them


Soraya said...

I love your work! you make really wonderful things!

cal8007 said...

You are amazing! I guess we can't ever stop learning new things and be surprised by it all :)

Thanks for sharing Susan!


Carmen L