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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week 18 An adventure to learn more

Week 18 adventure with the ZING  is not really an adventure this week. After spending the past 9 years learning and getting to know the workings of inkscape. Thinking that I would not need to learn  Make the cut  BOY was I wrong .
If you follow my blog entries you might remember a few weeks back I mentioned that I had Whooping cough. Well this past week i have gotten so sick of hearing myself cough that i have not wanted to do much else but sit and  watch youtubes . So after being on the Make the Cut forum and discovering that Bryan, Julie and Andy have a wonderful weekly webinars . Where they go into great details on the in's and out's of using  the make the cut software always willing to help anyone who needs help or has questions . I have watched sooo many of the back episodes of them and going to the live taping the past two weeks.
What i have discovered is that both inkscape and Make the cut   do work good together, having tweaked a pdf file the other day in inkscape and took into make the cut and one button push it was ready to cut with less work than i would have had to do in inkscape alone.
(have not cut this out yet but i will show you soon as I have )
As well as you might have noticed that over the past two weeks i have also done two quick lessons on make the cut (reason being is it make the cut also works in a similar way as inkscape and I wanted to show that you can make them in make the cut easily too ). HERE and HERE
So even though that "OFF" button has been pushed on my Zing for a lot of the week (other than making the heat vinyl for windcheater and the postage card. I have still been in "ZING mode" only just learning the best way to get more out of it. Stay tuned for bigger and better things to come.

I am off to COUGH explore some more.
 If you live in Australia and New Zealand 
and wondering where you can get a KNK Zing 
SKAT KAT  is the place to find them

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