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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

MY Adventure continues Heat vinyl transfer again

Week 11. This week I played with the 
heat vinyl transfer again, and learnt some 
big lessons while doing it .
My son was impressed with the shirts, tshirts 
and flags that I have been making for Neal 
that he started asking if  it was possible to 
do different things with the vinyl. 
So I brought some t shirts for him and he picked what 
he wanted .
First of he wanted the Darth (pulp) Fiction 

After seeing the bike on sign that I made for 
Neals bike He then wanted a gaming t shirt 
and this is the result.
(FORGOT that I had to reverse the project 
so it would be right after ironed on. So I had 
to recut it TIP the good thing was that I had 
used a font that worked most letters on this 
saying when flipped and only cut a few letters that 
did not work )

THIS IS where I am soo amazed with how small and fine 
the ZING cuts the select and start words are 3/16" and still 
readable (other cutters i have it would not be possible to do this )
Now for my biggest lesson learnt this week.
DON'T be in a rush to get the t shirts made
Martyn then said he would like this wonder woman
put on a tshirt So I spent a few hours changing 
the picture into a picture that was possible to cut 
and I had to order some skin tone and gold heat vinyl
for it . 
(P.S. I used inkscape and hand traced the picture to make 
this. It is not a few clicks and done but it is well worth the 
extra work to take time
  With the way I had designed it I had to put it 
on a red or lighter tshirt as it would not look good
on a black tshirt.
I cut all coloured pieces and went to iron and started 
ironing all the pieces one after another on the red tshirt
thinking that the colour to be more worried about was 
the gold as it was a metallic, so I left that to last.
I was doing colour after another  while it was all still 
hot. WRONG!!! It got FAR too hot and the skin colour all 
burnt. (IT WAS A MESS) Not fixable tshirt  wrecked.
Turned of the iron left the wrecked tshirt where it layed.
Next morning i got up and cut out a black layer again and 
I was going to cut a white layer and maybe use fabric paint
to add colour but while I was showing Neal and Martyn 
What I was planing the top layer just happened to be red 
and they both said  that would look great that way , as it 
is on a red tshirt .
LOOK at the Fixed tshirt! This is over 
the wrecked one and you can not even tell 

I will be making the coloured one LETTING cool
between layers , and will show you that  when it is 
done. I just have to buy another red tshirt.

I am off to explore some more.
 If you live in Australia and New Zealand 
and wondering where you can get a KNK Zing 
SKAT KAT  is the place to find them

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