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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The adventure continues

WEEK 12.
I was only ever planing on doing this weekly adventure 
with blog entries for 12 weeks but there is still 
heaps of things I have not tried or want to retry.
So hope this makes you happy that I will bee continuing.
This weeks adventure.
Having explored the pens on the ZING HERE.
But with using the pens that way  there was no way I could 
draw and cut as the center point was in all different places .
So this I thought i would get the yellow ZING pen holder.
(but instead of using the screw that it has, I used scrap of 
vinyl and taped around the pen so it fit snug in the holder. 
This way i was sure that the center point of the pen would 
be so close to the center (if not in the center) and would 
work for penwork and cut

After getting it all set up I was having trouble getting it 
to draw right it would leave little tails on each of the 
drawn things. Trying everything I could think of to 
stop this from happening. (with no luck)
I asked Fred from SkatKat if he knew why.
And he did!!  He told me to turn of the off sett 
and it WORKED perfectly
(thanks to skatkat)
When using pens turn the offset to "0"

Now after many try outs I was ready to start to make 
something so I opened inkscape and started to make 
something after many attempts with out luck I finally 
realised how to get it to draw and cut what I wanted.
OH and i set up the embossing lines so I could use
the blue embossing tool to do that too  

 Only thing I was not happy with is i was having trouble 
being able to make the stitches wider.
So first of i thought I would try a dot dash  and made 
another box. Which trying this box and making it 
bigger  than the first  when cutting. I discovered
HOW to get the stitches wider
(design small and enlarge )

 Here is the two together
I like adding pen work to my 3D things and this 
has opened up a whole new world to me .
So the first pattern I thought i would try is my 
EC Robot (a robot i designed back when 
i first got another cutter)
Using inkscape I got the stitch lines all ready as 
well as all the embossing lines.
  Designed all the stitching lines in the small version of the 
pattern and then enlarging it before taking to make 
the cut . (Takes a little time to set it all up on the layers
in make the cut , BUT it is well worth it) 
Here he is with out any added extra parts to 
show case the stitching pen work

 And now I added some trims to him

 This is what inspired the chest panel

OH and here is a look at what the difference
the OFF SET makes
Sticking to the theme I then made this 
quick card using the alota rubber stamps digital stamp
and the panel i had made for the ZewZingBots chest.
Used print and cut (robot) , as well as 
pen and cut (frame)

I would have liked to do a inkscape lesson 
on the stitching set up but I did run out of time
but if I get emails of interest I will make it.

I am off to explore some more.
 If you live in Australia and New Zealand 
and wondering where you can get a KNK Zing 
SKAT KAT  is the place to find them

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