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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Holiday on the Murray

Neal and I are just back from a fantastic  weeks 
holiday up at the border of Victoria and New South Wales Australia.
We went on 2 paddleboat rides. We went on the Pride of the Murray and
the Canberra
Neal thought it should have been called the Titanic 
(just as well it wasn't as that sunk)

There was a great place to go for a walk near the Murray river

On the Wednesday morning we had some time before we 
had to board the Canberra so we went and sat down at the 
Campaspe river and as the sun was rising from behind us
the trees gave a wonderful reflection in the river
It was sad to have to find that "OFF button" on the Zing for 
a week. But I have come home now and turned it back on LOL

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great to hear you had a good time!