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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A slice here and slice there GIVE THIS RESULT (Zing update)

SLICEforms  that is 
MY fifth week of playing on the Zing was not soo much spent seeing what the Zing could cut but seeing and testing how it would cut layed images, so which  also meant spending lots of hours playing on INKSCAPE designing. I have always loved sliceform .  This week I thought i would make one or two  sliceforms of my own.
Making one for Neal for our Anniversary HERE  and one for the alota sample HERE.
I did not stop there and thought I would make a few more (hehehe) YES just a few!
Starting with the shadow effect cards. With a few noticeable ROBOTS there using the Droids font I found at DaFont and the Computer font found at dafont.

Thought that one looked a little dark so I also cut one out in grey and once I added the inkpad to the edges I was happier with it  (so i went back and added white inkpad to the black one which i did after photos were taken)

So next i thought oh i would love to do a sceen with it  but knowing that with all the others i have made over the years  and adding on pieces of coloured card for the colouring  it got top heavy and would fall back or forward so I thought i would give the patern making a bit more thought and  using the same idea i had for the Anniversary HERE  and one for the alota sample HERE, I would take that a bit further and put the bracking behind each layer. Which i was soo happy with the result and it worked soo well  (even if i do say so myself )
Used clear accitate for the side bracings so as it did not distracted from the look i wanted.

FOLDS flat for posting
After that turned out how i wanted it too. I then spent the next few hours  thinking of a way to turn it to a moon scape and this is the result

OK OK  I love Hot Air Balloons and it  just had to be a topic for  my sliceform cards. But this time this was harder as balloons are floating in the sky. So after a bit of thinking i came up with an idea of how to fix that problem but then found that even though the Zing has great fine cutting  it would be impossible for me to cut sheep and put in paddocks so I used a white gel pen for them and a little black for the legs

I was having still so much fun I then thought i would make a Easter card

 Then a BABY BOY card

 Could you guess I was going to say then I needed to make a BABY GIRL card

When making my cut patterns and setting them up to cut if there is lettering that is going to be cut and if it is going to look OK with the negative I put a square or rectangle around it to use that for another card like i did while making the boy and girl card 
 Then I just added some images to make another card In this case i used the robots and ducks that i designed for the other cards 

Over the years I have cut things on  other cutters and most of the time it did not handle cutting the small things  but i found that the Zing handled it all  except the beaks of the ducks well it cut them but  they were soo tiny i dropped most of them when getting off the mat. SO here is the tip if you have this sort of problem  draw the thing (in my case it was the beaks)  in with a white gel pen and after dried colour with copic marker the colour you want .

I did say one or two sliceforms. 

I am of to explore some more.
 If you live in Australia and New Zealand 
and wondering where you can get a KNK Zing 
SKAT KAT  is the place to find them


Fred Muraca said...

Hi Susan,
these sliceforms are great. Love your design skilss. You are making the Zing fly! You sure have been in a design and cutting frenzy in the last 5 weeks.
Happy cutting


Yes fantastic Susan - she sure is making the zing fly Fred!

Christy said...

these are amazing

Christy said...

these are amazing

Marg said...

what wonderful cards. I love all the ideas that you came up with.

Heidi said...

Great designs and thanks for the tip about using the negative ...duh ...why hadn't I thought of that?