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Thursday, March 08, 2012

RED vinyl and lesson learnt

I Started a sign for the back of our tricycle 
yesterday  and i got the red vinyl that i had 
measured it and designed the sign LooK
so it was just fitting in the small amount of 
vinyl that i had . Put the vinyl on the mat and set 
the force and times to cut and then thought oh 
there is an inch in the corner that it will not matter
if i quickly check that the zing is set right to cut 
so i set blade and then pushed on test cut  and
was going to pick one  seeing that there is a Zing logo 
and that i had not picked that yet (all the others that I had 
picked was only one inch ) pushed cut and OH NO  WHAT 
HAS HAPPENED  it is 2" x 3" now the sign i designed will 
not fit on the vinyl that i had left SAD 
So I had to then go back and redesign the sign to fit on 
what was left . I was very happy with how it turned out  
Neal (hubby) went and put it on the trike straight away.
I mounted the vinyl on a piece of white plastic 

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