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Thursday, February 16, 2012

MY House Guest

Hi! I thought i would tell you about my house guest.
 14th February 2012 started like any other day,
only exception is that even though son was working he was not starting till a
little later so i could sleep in a little. Waking at 8am, with plans
to do a few things before
going out for lunch. came out to computer turned it on. and thought oh
i will catch up on
emails before getting a drink and having food (which is the order i do
this most days)
Open email client  quick glance which one will i open first.

           Oh there is will open this one first (picked one).
 Hi! Would you
like a house guest for a while? If so you have to
treat it kind, let it stay with you for at least 3 months ? Keep me
informed with how it is
going from time to time? even if it is just through your blog?
    <my thoughts
should I? How will I know how to look
after it ? Will I treat it well ? Will I be able to feed it old and new stuff?

SO  for that next hour I surfed the internet and youtube videos before
I could make the
 dissension to say yes or no to this offer. Well there were lots and
lots of videos on the
right way to look after such a guest  .

  <my thoughts
three months will be soo easy  I
think it will be great to have it in the house. Now lets see  ! OH look
the person has given
me his phone number to ring him.
<ring ring>
Hi! it is
Susan here I will like to take you up on your
offer can we come and pick it up today after lunch <him> Sure can .

We had our lunch and off we went for the drive to the other side of
town to pick up our
house guest. When we arrived home it was time to just chill out for
the rest of the day and
we would get it settled in tomorrow morning.
Watched a little tv, and went of to bed. Could not sleep with all the
new thoughts in my head
 1. Where will it sleep?
 2.What will i do to entertain it first?
3.Will it be happy here?
4. Will the others in the house get along with it
5.and on and on  with lots of questions

I tossed and turned all night  had no sleep.
I can see till i open that box and put it on the table and plug it
into the computer, and turn
it on and CUT something  I don't think I will be able to sleep!

 OH I think i should have said that "it" is a KNK Zing electric
cutting machine that i was offered
to play with for 3 months and review it .
  WHAT ? What sort
of guest did you think
I was talking about ?  HEHEHEHE

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Bahahahahaha - love the write up for your 'house guest' - all the best with it and I am sure I will have a new resident at my place too at the end of the three months xxx