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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vinyl signs "Keep Cyclist safer"

My Hubby is going into the city today for a 
bike safety rally  and needed some 
signs to hang on his bike  so here 
is what he designed and i cut 
using vinyl  on the Zing.
I kiss cut the vinyl but also turned back the force and 
let it cut twice so it done a clean cut  worked wonderful

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snowflakes and Bicycles

This past week I have been working 
on Alota Rubber stamp cards and using the Zing
to cut the bases for them.
So the other night while making a bicycle card
(using the Bike stamp designed by me)
I decided that i wanted a border along the bottom 
of the card so i designed one thinking that it would be too 
small and fine for the Zing to cut it (boy was I wrong)
As you can see the small row here  cut perfectly and soo 
small to only 1/2" high  but it was too small for what 
i wanted on my card so i cut one bigger  and added to 
my card. I am loving how fine things can be cut on the Zing

the Bike stamp designed by me
Here is the inside of the card

Next card I wanted to give a try was a Center Step 
card with a diference I love the center step cards 
and it got me thinking with the cutter why couldn't 
I put some shape into it .
So I gave it a try here is the result  designed it in 
inscape then imported into make the cut to cut . 
Added snowflake stamp and postage stamps from alota

Tip for this week 
One thing  I do like to do to get the nice clean cut 
is i turn the presure down on the Zing and cut twice 
that way it is soo clean and fine cut  

I am of to explore some more.
 If you live in Australia and New Zealand 
and wondering where you can get a KNK Zing 
SKAT KAT  is the place to find them

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Space Invaders

I cut this using the space invaders svg I made 
to see how Zing would cut it and still look normal 
and wow i am impressed

Saturday, February 25, 2012

ON Reflection

Space Invaders bike helmet
I managed to get some all weather refection tape 
in white and yellow and hubby wanted a space invaders
for his helmet. So as i had a fair bit of the white and not much 
of the yellow I thought i would try out on the white first 
to get the cutting on the zing all set up.
Which only two three tweaks to get it right.
 So then knowing that Hubby wanted yellow for 
his helmet I loaded it in the machine and pushed cut
UGGGGG BUT what a problem it did not cut it is a 
mess.   REASON (with out me realizing) the
white is 0.25mm and the yellow is 0.30mm
the first piece of yellow i had i was able to squeeze
out this one for the helmet upping the force of the cut and 
the amount of cuts it does (even though i still had to use
knife in three places)

Tip even though you think it is the same stuff 
best to check the thickness

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Changing the tin with metal tape work

Here was an empty tin i had left over from my chrisy
pressent so I thought i would cover it with the 
metal tape technique

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zing and Make the cut TIP

I thought i would share a tip with you.
Yesterday while i was trying to learn how to print/cut function
on the Zing and mtc
I was going from mtc to the  booklet screen all the time  and then
i put the pdf file on my book reader so i could have the bookreader
beside my computer and follow  . It sure did make things a lot easier
for me .
Hope this helps someone

First week with "Zing" (aka KNK Zing)

Here I am to tell of my first week with "Zing".
Opening the box and getting it out.
Pluging in to computer and starting up my make the cut software.
Well then what to choose first to cut.
Of corse it had to be one of the susanbluerobot sliceform 
designs. Thinking to myself what sort of test will I give this , so 
I cut it small to see how it handled it . Well it cut it with ease 
not a problem (cut my teddy sliceform at 2" high (having never
ever cut him that small before) ) I was amazed with how fine 
a cut it cut even on the slits they were only on pixel wide when 
cutting the teddy this size and not one tear. SADLY with all 
the excitement of seeing it cut so nice at 2inches high, I did not 
give it a thought of how I was going to put it together (all 37 pieces).
And though the zing cut it perfectly my hands were too fat and it was 
impossible to put together UGG (this is not going to beat me I will 
visit this at a later date)

Next cut was a butterfly card that I had designed many years ago 
and had no luck cutting it on either two machines that i had already.
CUT fantastically The cut on the Zing is soo fine that it looks wonderful.
This I was able to  put together  as a card. Did run the base of the card
though the cuttlebug before putting together.

Made the 2 Alota cards challenge  Theme is shaped cards  which 
was great  having the Zing that just wanted to cut  them out.
Designed these in inkscape and imported to make the cut.
Next  was a big surprise as  before Christmas when making 
the snowmen for the snowglobes i made. I tried both my 
other cutters doing all tweaking to get them to cut the
Velumn snowmen out with very little success (I ended up cutting out
57 pieces , needed was 10 and  i picked the best of them even though 
i had to cut of all the snowmens arms as they were a mess)
So then  Friday was going to be the BIG test when i got out my 
velumn  and tested it by slowiing Zing to 9 speed and cut out a 
line of butterflies  they ranged between 3/4" and 1 1/4" with 
antennas of  butterflies i pixle wide. OMG it cut them perfectly
I mean PERFECTLY i ended up cutting out 200 more  and only had
to throw 2 away but that was not cause of Zing , 
but cause of how i took them of the mat .
Here is a book I made using some of them  ,
 OH also cut the lettering  out .

I am of to explore some more.
 If you live in Australia and New Zealand 
and wondering where you can get a KNK Zing 
SKAT KAT  is the place to find them

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Teddy for Melissa

Here is a slice form teddy I made 
for my friends girl

Designed by Susanbluerobot  using inkscape 
and cut on machine

Friday, February 17, 2012

alota challenge No 77 "Shaped card"

\Alota's Shaped Card Challenge!
This time we are doing different  Shapes for cards, 
no square cards please
We want to see some DIFFERENT SHAPES for cards :) 
Here is the prize you can be entered to WIN from Alota Rubber Stamps

 All you have to do is create a card/projectand upload
 it to your blog and/or to your online Gallery
 using the keyword Alota77.
 Don't forget to go to ALOTA BLOG here
 and link it on Inlinkz so that everyone else can see it too.
You have til the 29th of February to complete this challenge,
you can enter as many entries as you wish
 for a better chance of winning!

Being the topic of a shaped card it was a 
great opitunity to test out the ZING cutter
and I am VERY impressed with the way it 
cuts  will tell more later 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

MY House Guest

Hi! I thought i would tell you about my house guest.
 14th February 2012 started like any other day,
only exception is that even though son was working he was not starting till a
little later so i could sleep in a little. Waking at 8am, with plans
to do a few things before
going out for lunch. came out to computer turned it on. and thought oh
i will catch up on
emails before getting a drink and having food (which is the order i do
this most days)
Open email client  quick glance which one will i open first.

           Oh there is will open this one first (picked one).
 Hi! Would you
like a house guest for a while? If so you have to
treat it kind, let it stay with you for at least 3 months ? Keep me
informed with how it is
going from time to time? even if it is just through your blog?
    <my thoughts
should I? How will I know how to look
after it ? Will I treat it well ? Will I be able to feed it old and new stuff?

SO  for that next hour I surfed the internet and youtube videos before
I could make the
 dissension to say yes or no to this offer. Well there were lots and
lots of videos on the
right way to look after such a guest  .

  <my thoughts
three months will be soo easy  I
think it will be great to have it in the house. Now lets see  ! OH look
the person has given
me his phone number to ring him.
<ring ring>
Hi! it is
Susan here I will like to take you up on your
offer can we come and pick it up today after lunch <him> Sure can .

We had our lunch and off we went for the drive to the other side of
town to pick up our
house guest. When we arrived home it was time to just chill out for
the rest of the day and
we would get it settled in tomorrow morning.
Watched a little tv, and went of to bed. Could not sleep with all the
new thoughts in my head
 1. Where will it sleep?
 2.What will i do to entertain it first?
3.Will it be happy here?
4. Will the others in the house get along with it
5.and on and on  with lots of questions

I tossed and turned all night  had no sleep.
I can see till i open that box and put it on the table and plug it
into the computer, and turn
it on and CUT something  I don't think I will be able to sleep!

 OH I think i should have said that "it" is a KNK Zing electric
cutting machine that i was offered
to play with for 3 months and review it .
  WHAT ? What sort
of guest did you think
I was talking about ?  HEHEHEHE

Monday, February 13, 2012


I Showed you Saturday night the lighthouse
I had made. I am back today to show you some
3D wording that I made to go with that Project.
I cut the letters our and then two shaddows of 
each letter and then i turned them into
3D letters,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

To light the way

Here is a light house box I made using a 
pattern from Creationsbyar after 
cutting out and making it up I then 
used a cuttlebug embossing folder  
and embossed some card and cut out the bricks 
so there was one and half bricks and glued them down 
each edge of the light house.
  Also cut away the railings of the walk way and added home 
made rope . added a Christmas colour changing light 
and embossed all the acetate for the windows.
and cut out a weather vein for the roof

This is a project i am working on and i will show 
more as i have it ready

Thursday, February 09, 2012

TF Bear

Here is a Teddy bear sliceform I made for my 
friend Tracey. He is about 11 inches tall 
and I added rhinestones to the purple pieces
to give it a little bling. 
Designed with inkscape cut on ecraft by me