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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Say HELLO to "Mrs and Mr Claus" (Kusudama)

Mrs and Mr Claus
Each year, I try to make a Christmas decoration  for our family.
Well this year  I got a new obsession 
(did you know i get obsessed with things)
I got a new book called 
Creating Lovely Paper-Flower Dolls 
(Kusudama folding technique) 
Had the book just a short time and  I have made soo
many different things out of the book and NOW slightly
tweakking things to suit the things that i have at hand, like
these two I am showing today. 
I used the book and then made my own santa and mrs

I will be showing heaps more of these things 
as i have been having soo much fun Kusudama folding 
Stay tuned


Pixie Camembert said...

Those are DELIGHTFUL! I''ll have to check out that book! Thanks so much for sharing your work.
Sally in California


just awesome - I am a proud owner of Mr and Mrs Clause today and so kicks off another papercrafting obsession xxx