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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Metal art ROBOTZ for my hubby

Today I am here to show you all the 
Robot from the Robotz cartridge (with altered arms)
That I made for my Hubby. 
The robot is 9.5" tall .
I cut it out in white card stock  then I put on
the chipboard parts for eyes mouth and so on 
then  I made up the parts of robots then I did 
the metal tape work on it . Added a clock 
in the tummy and used black half pearls 
for the numbers
HERE is the youtube that got me hooked on metal tape
Even though I only have the baby cricut  I can still 
make bigger cuts for the 3D just by adding a few extra 
joins. The red one is the size you can make with baby cricut 
with out joins and then the metal one had two extra joins  on 
the baby cricut



I saw this guy being made and he has turned out just fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

thats so awesome Susan, love that you incorporated the alarm clock in there, perfect beside piece!!!

RAP said...

Very cool. Thanks for leaving the link to that video on my blog. Very cool. I kind of thought that's how it was done but wasn't sure.

Unknown said...

LOVE this. I have a grandchild who will just love it.


Unknown said...

Where can I learn how to do metal art like that?