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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Love the ROBOTS Fathers day card

I made this style of  cards first back in the early 
1990's and it is always great to revisit old card ideas 
and give them a look of the 2011's.
This is the card I made to give my hubby for fathers day 
 Used scrapbook paper and scrapbook stickers to make this 
Here is the envelope 

 Folds flat to be posted
 Here it is opened and standing
 One side
 And other side
Here is a view from above
I have to say this card does look a lot better in
person it has glitter and demention
Would love to hear what you think.


BSI said...

Susan - that robot card is totally cool. I really like the one with the lawn mower too. I have to remember that for next year. It seems my husband is always mowing the lawn. Thanks for the ideas.


fantastic cards susan!!!!

Eyemac said...

Loved your card. What a lot of work. Brilliant ideas, great shaped card.

eunice said...

Absolutely FABULOUS! You did a fantastic job on this card, Susan! I'd love to try one too...will you teach us how? :)