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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CAR Decals

A month has gone by since  I last sat on this seat.
Now I am back sitting on this seat again 
(I am happy for a reason)
We paid money to the guy sitting at that desk
then went out the door.
I am adding something to the window WHY?
Making sure it stays there .
Now this is what is in the driveway of our house.

Here are my Decals I made using
PinkCatStudio digital stamps I had to 
"tweak" it a little to make sure it 
would work and they would stay together .
And cut using ecraft maching and sure cuts a lot.


Anonymous said...

Love the decals, they look awesome! Perfect for your car!!!


love the decals and love the car susan! Looks fantastic!!!!

sewnsew1943 said...

I know I sound silly when I ask you how do you use digital stamps to get them to cut with a cutter machine. (I am new to the Cricut Expression). I know all the experienced gals and guys out there probably think it is so easy even a cave man could do it.
If you have any tutorials on the technique I would surely appreciate it.

SusanBluerobot said...

Hi Sewnsew I took the digital into inkscape and traced it then i broke apart and tweaked it. Then I used a program called sure cuts a lot and took it to my ecraft cutter and cut it . I have to say that the tweaking of it was not easy, but as i have been using inkscape for 5 years i have gotten to know it well. I don't have any tutorials at this stage as scal no longer with cricut

Anonymous said...
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eunice said...

Congratulations on your new car! Very nice! Love how you personalized your new baby with the cute robot that car is unmistakably yours!

Car Stickers said...

I like these kinds of small funny car decals. They really add value to our vehicle. I love using them on my car bumper.