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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two Little Mittens I made my mittens

I love gadgets I hate hand knitting
But with this knitting machine I now love
knitting. It makes knitting soo quick and easy
THIS is what I got for Mothers day.

Instructions say start just practising knitting squares
to get to know the machine YAH RIGHT
I went straight into making something.
One problem i do have is I can not read
patterns so to watch youtubeMITTENS and learn how to make
these wonderful mittens was a great way to make them.
Here is my first ever things i have made on my machine


Anonymous said...

OH WOW, you are so mutli-talented!

Love the mittens and the colours, looks great! I love the style of the stitch!

Julie said...

You give so much inspiration!

I have an award for totally deserve this!