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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yesterday I showed a robot that I made
cut at 3"
Today I made a second one with a little
difference . Using my favorite tools reverse tweezers
these are easily put together , no more trying to
put my fat fingers in to hold together while the glue

Good thing is it hold a long side together all way long
And remember i said a little difference, well here it
is . Between there body parts are magnets

and they just click together

Was surprised at how strong the magnets
are I can not hold head closer than this
or the body jumps up to the head
I used tiny adhesive mirrors on the front

With the magnet i can put the body in any direction

And here is my two little friends

1 comment:

eunice said...

WooHoo, Susan! These have got to be the BEST paper robots ever! Absolutely ingenious how you've come up with the idea of using magnets. Love this so much, I'm giddy with excitement! :)