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Monday, March 21, 2011


OK been back from holidays in over a week now
so i have finally made something to show on my blog
(guess i was still in holiday mode)
This Blue Robotz was cut at 3" (yes 3")
I read somewhere on the net that they 3D robots are
really only able to be put together if cut at a bigger size (5"plus)
I guess that is cause it is hard to get fingers in to glue the pieces together
These are reverse tweezers and the best tool to have they
help make all 3D things no matter what size you cut them
way smaller than my fat fingers.
Once again I have made my own pattern for the arms
as i don't like the arms on the cartridge.

1 comment:

eunice said...

I have tweezers like these, why did I never think to use them in this way? I usually use paper clips, but your idea is even better! Thanks for always sharing!