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Friday, February 18, 2011

HELPFUL HINT for cricut user (well i think so)

By now if you come to my blog often. You would
know that i now have a gypsy. I love the gypsy.
LOVE the idea of not having to get carts out
every time i cut something .
WELL the other week while i was sitting with my
gypsy in hand. I thought hmm I think i need to
go get some of the cartridge books out to see what
i need to add. (has anyone had this problem?)
THEN after finishing what i was designing I then
looked at all the books on my table (which
by the way i knew that they had to all be put back
away). READ ON---------

With the table looking much like the picture above.
There has to be an easier way. THINK THINK think?
OK looking over at my husband with his book reader
in hand I said to him "HEY! does that read PDF's?"
And guess what it does. Hmm -----
! I have an idea.
I went to the cricut cartridges site HERE
Downloaded the PDF's of the carts I own and
put them on SD mini card and GUESS WHAT
It worked ! It works fantastic no more
racing over to get out handbooks they are all
in this one little book reader .------------

I did not take my husband's book reader.
I made him go buy me one LOL.

Hope this of some use to people out there in blog land
I would love to hear if it is


Joy said...

I was shopping for e-readers for my Mom (she has macular degeneration, and I am hoping I can get one with a large enough font so that she can see betterr), and now, I WANT ONE!!!

Jane said...

What a great idea. Geez, I was just giving my husband all the reasons I DID NOT want a reader. Hope he wasn't listening!

Debbie said...

What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.

Soraya said...

what a great idea! I have the kindle and will be doing the same! TFS

Karen said...

TFS!!! I love this idea...heading out today to buy me a e-reader.

Anonymous said...

Love that idea...I have an e-reader and I had downloaded the pdf's but I never thought to do that...duhhh!

Mary said...

This is such a great idea. TFS

- - Sheryl - - said...

OMG - I had the same idea this weekend at a scrapbooking crop weekend
we all kept getting up to help someone look for "XYZ".

We also used a few times which is a tool/web site no one should be without

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that this works in iBooks on an iPad/iPod touch as well! I've been using my touch for a couple of years to view knitting patterns in PDF, but when I started scrapping more I realized I could put the Cricut Cartridge books in my library as well!! Now I have the iPad too!!

Irene said...

Hi Thank you very much for such a great idea. I have just downloaded my books on to my ipad. GREAT. Regards. Irene

Helene said...

Susan you are brilliant thanks so much for your great ideas.


farmwife99 said...

OMG..... Gonna do this and then copy them to my iPad. Thanks for the suggestion. Glad I bought the sd card adapter for my iPad the other day. :-)