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Monday, February 07, 2011

BEE a slide pop up !

My friend Stampowl (Frances) has made two of these
slide cards this week. And soon as i seen them I went
to the site to see how they were made HERE.

So when it came to testing the beta version of
SCAL (for cutting on the ECRAFT Machine)
this past weekend I knew straight away this
would be the first card i would make while testing it .

My first thought on the new SCAL for us on the
ECRAFT is "WOW" i am a happy person
out of 5 hours of seeing what it will do right it only
did one mistakes .

So now to my card I got a free colouring book/wallpaper picture
from the internet HERE. Used my favorite inkscape to
turn into svg pattern (OH and take of the grass)
then took it to scal and cut it out . It cut perfectly.


StampOwl said...

hehe this is cute ... so how many more will you be making ... I have another one for Wednesday :)

SusanBluerobot said...

Frances i can see there will be heaps of these i have soo many ideas going round in my head