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Friday, January 28, 2011

How I save time and paper (cutting lots at once)

Since the start of this year you might have
noticed this variety of cards made using
cricut cartridges.
I was lucky to get a gypsy for Christmas
and I think it is a great addition to go with my cricut.
One of the things that i do love is not having to
change cartridges while cutting .
So with that in mind I set out on the gypsy to cut
lots of things to 1. Save paper 2. Cutting time.
I had in mind i wanted to make lots of birthday cards

These are the 14 cards I made using the one set up of
cutting (seen on my blog through out the month)

Here is how i cut them to save both time and paper
(a little waste this time but i have gotten better)


Mary George said...

That is a great idea. Thank you for sharing. I just got a gypsy, is there anywhere i can go to get some tutorials?

Debbie said...

Wow, that must have taken some planning to get that figured out for so many cards. I love using my Gypsy so that I can plan exactly where to put the paper to cut each layer and then cut all of the layers at one time, but not all of 1 color at one time.

Mary, I know that ObsessedwithScrapbooking has a few tutorials on her blog. The Pink Stamper probably does too. I hope this helps.

Unknown said...

This is a great idea. Thank you for all your sharing.

- - Sheryl - - said...

I do not have a G - but this is great!