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Thursday, November 11, 2010

PART Two "This house is not Haunted"

Part 1 house HERE
Today on my house i thought i would
start Christmas decorating it so first of all i thought
a girl and boy gingerbread.
And have them coming out of the basement outside doors

So from the cartridges I liked the snowmen
shape from the snowfriends cart
(picked these two (marked with arrows))

So I cut 9 of each in ginger card (making sure
that the card stock does not have white core
(i learnt the hard way)) Cut at 1" (each marked
"welded" on design studio that way they
do not cut all the markings)

After they are cut i then start glueing them
on top of each other
I love using zig two way for this as i can move before
they are dry

After i have glued all 9 together i then
use a white pen and add penwork

Making sure you continue the pen on sides and back

And here is my pair ready for my house

To see the full house
Part 1 house HERE

1 comment:

Helene said...

Very cute....what will you think of next?