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Friday, November 19, 2010

PART Seven "This house is not Haunted"

Today I made a tree for the inside of the house
(even though the windows are small
it still needed this inside )
I made the tree using snowflakes
from the "when it is cold out side" cartridge

Cut the flakes going down by 1/8" each time
biggest being 2 5/8"

Then using padded tape i layered the snowflakes

Offsetting them each time

kept layering till they were all on

But then decided that it was to short

So I cut 4 more of the big flake and added them to
the bottom of the tree

Now it was taking shape

Cut a star for the top Using 3 of these folded in
half I glued the to form a 3D star

Added cotton wool for the tinsel

I then cut a box from the box cartridge

Made the box and added it to the bottom of the

Then with my hands i shaped the flakes (branches )
downwards to give the tree shape

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Unknown said...

This is SO cool!! 3-D and lifelike! Especially after you added the box at the bottom and shaped the branches! I am completely amazed and thoroughly enchanted by this project!

Jen said...

LOVE the tree Susan!
Thank you for sharing.