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Saturday, November 13, 2010

PART Four "This house is not Haunted"

Hope you are enjoying my adventer in making this
house decorated.
(be sure to let me know if you have any ideas)
Today i made some trees to to go at the entrance way
Cut the trees from paper dolls cart at
2" high
Cutting 5 patern card and 10 plain card
(enough to make 2 trees)

The pattern trees i cut each panel off where the
score cuts are.

Attatched the cut patters on two of the plain trees

Continue doing all trees till you end up with
2 sets of 5 trees

Put one set aside while you make the first
fold all pieces in half with right side together

Now glue two halves together like this

Then add another tree to that

And continue till you have added all five pieces and
stand you tree up

Finished that one all ready for you house now work on
the second one

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Be sure to give me your ideas Would love to hear

1 comment:

Gorse Auto Detailing said...

wow! you took a boring old flat, plain tree and made it into a 3-D wonder! That's really a neat idea!