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Saturday, November 20, 2010

PART Eight "This house is not Haunted"

For the house today I knew I had to have
a Father Christmas somewhere on the house
but I could not get right (after three times)
Then i thought I would use design studio
and paper dolls cart and design just the
bottom 1/2 of him

Out of red card stock I cut 16 full legs with boots
Using black copic markers i coloured the boots

Glued all the full ones on top of each other
And cut 9 red with out the boots
Gluing 4 together and then gluing the other 5

Now i took a white gell pen and coloured the
fur of the suit
making sure i went all round including the edges

To the back I added the stack of 4 trousers

Then to the front I added the stack of 5 trousers

This gave it a bit of shape
I then went around the edges with copics
so as it was the same colour

Added some liquid glaze to the boots all sides
and let dry each side before doing others

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1 comment:

Teresa said...

You can use cotton the use for the pant white trim and it would look like fur. I love the house youare very good at crafts.