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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Butterfly FLY FOR ME! (automata)

Here is an automata that i have been
working on . I cut all the flowers using
the ecraft and fundermentals sd card

(be sure to watch this little video to see
what it does)

Let me know what you think


Wende said...

Oh how fun. That is just fabulous!!!!!

Jen said...

You're amazing Susan! Another brilliant creation.
Thank you for sharing.

Cindy Cade said...

It is simply wonderful! Is there a way to get the pattern for the basket and mechanism? These would be so much fun to make at a women's gathering!

Ruthie said...

Thats incredible! Rx

Kerry said...

It is adorable! My granddaughter would just love it! Thanks for sharing.

Craftwell, Inc said...

Craftwell would love to feature this on our website! If you would like to be a part of this growing gallery, please contact us at

Simply include your directions, materials required, and photos.

All project winners receive a prize pack :)

Helene said...

Very beautiful!

Lalia Harris said...

Fantastic!!!! So did you send in your pics to Craftwell?