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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Baby is all grown up ! (don't know where those years went)

My husband told me the day my son was born,
not to get too used to having a little boy , that in
no time he will be grown up and off to work.
Seems like just yesterday those words were said to
me. Well my son has had and after school job for the
past three years.
BUT this is different, my son has just been accepted
to a chef apprenticeship. Here he is in his uniform
which he purchased today


Helene said...

Good luck to you dear Martyn they are very lucky to have you on there staff. I am sure you'll make a fine chef. I can't wait for my next visit maybe you'll be preparing my meal.
Love ya,

Cindy R said...


Weezy said...

Congratulations Susan!
You must be very proud! May he have the greatest successes in years to come (:

StampOwl said...

Congratulations to Martyn on his new job. Look at the great meals he will be able to cook you one day :)

Jen said...

Congratulations Martyn :) so happy for you that you got the apprenticeship :) . xo Jen