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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

NO SNOW? NO WORRIES ! (newest stamps at alota)

Have you ever sat down to make you Christmas cards
and wanted to make a snowman card? and then thought
oh but we don't really have snowmen here at Christmas?
Well I have I love snow men and love putting snowmen
on my Christmas card. So this I sat down and designed
a new set of stamps for Alota Rubber stamps,
it comes sold a the full set of unmounted red rubber stamps.

Here is my card I made for everyone this year it is a
swing card. I used the cuttlebug embossing folder to
decorate the card.

Over the next couple of days i will show you other
NO SNOW? NO WORRIES! and melting time cards
so be sure to return back to look

Be sure to tell me what you think

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Rose said...

Susan, yet another fantastic idea. I love the Aussie Snowman and how you have presented him. My daughter ( 5y.o.) made a 'snowman' a couple of days ago by putting a whole bottle of bubbles into the spa. The bubbles were taller than she was standing. When I asked her what she was doing her innocent reply was 'making a snowman' so how can you get angry at that. It cracked me it is a double pleasure to see your Aussie snowman.

Bye for now,
Rose Grasmeder.

Unknown said...

Love your card!! Took me about 12 tries, but I finally figured out how to cut properly and make one myself :)

Thanks for the inspiration