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Friday, December 25, 2009

KEEP ME Company .

Well the house is still quiet, all I have is these to keep
me company while i wait for hubby and son to wake
up to see what santa brought me (oh i mean us)

Well those who follow my blog will know that i like
to do sliceforms in different sizes and these were
no different. After finishing the 5" ones and tweaking them
so i knew they were right. I then set out to make them
bigger (well as big as i could get them on my mat 6"x12" (cause
only have the little cricut)) and cut them out they stand about 8 inches
Then YES then i thought oh if i tweaked the pattern i could shrink them
and got them 3 inches tall (sadly could not get them small enough
to make into earrings)

from our house to yours

Designed in inkscape and cut using sure cuts a lot

Be sure to tell me what you think


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Mickey said...

I can't believe you have done all
your work on a 6 x 12 machine.
You are unbelievable!!
I don't think I would have the
patience to do the sliceform...

Darla said...

I just love these!! I have had a craftrobo for 5 years now and am still trying to figure out how to make a sliceform from scratch myself!!
Great job, they are adorable!!
Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

These are soooooooooo cute!!! Do you share or sale the files? I am some what new to the cricut but am having a great time with it.