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Friday, December 25, 2009

The BOX SET (sllice form)

Christmas is here. But is it only early at the moment and
I am the only one excited enough to be up waiting to
open presents (guess my son now being an "Adult")
So while i make lots of noise in the house to wake
everyone (turning the Christmas music up louder)
I thought i would show you the box that i made
for my slice form Christmas things that i have been showing
over the past week. Even though they can fold flat for gifting
I thought it would be a better gift as a boxed set.

The Front of the box folds down

And the lid comes off

to make them stay in place i made a wedge of card stock in the
box to hold there legs

and cause the box was white i stamped tree branch all
over the inside of the box

Hmmm then i decided that the outside of the box was too
white so I put pin striping tape all around it
Hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas and
get all the crafts you need for your next project.
Anyone know how to wake up the sleeping family I want
to open presents?

Designed in inkscape and cut using sure cuts a lot

Be sure to tell me what you think


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shelly said...

wow, wow, wow! this is great