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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why ME?

I was just going to finish a card i was making
and take a photo of it for my blog. and the cricut was cutting
away and then there was a noise and stopped yes stopped
the lights went out and nothing happened.
Hoping that it is only the power cord and I can have it back
working after getting one today (fingers and everything crossed)
Why me why my poor OLD cricut I will be lost with out my
cricut . Wish me luck, other wise I will have to buy a new one (eeks and have
to wait )

no card today


Sue from Oregon said...

OH NO! Good luck!

Unknown said...

sorry to hear bout your cricut...i hope you dont have to buy a new one but if it friday is coming up so deals are going to be EVERYWHERE :)

Amanda K said...

Oh No :( I hope that it's nothing major! Here's wishing a quick recovery for your bug!